How to Make Punch Needle Fruit Cushions
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How to Make Punch Needle Fruit Cushions

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1+ Days

Add some tropical vibes to your home with these easy to master punch needle lemon and watermelon cushions.  This traditional craft has been given a modern update in this fruity project.


Tutorial by @carolinejanecreates

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How to make

Step 1 

Download the fruit templates and press the linen from the fat quarters.  For the watermelon, cut your fabric to your chosen cushion size (40cm x 40cm is recommended).  Stretch the fabric in the frame ensuring it is ‘drum tight’.  If you have a larger frame you could enlarge the lemon template to make a bigger cushion.

Step 2 

Attach the template to the back of the fabric using masking tape.  Place the frame in front of a light source such as a window or a light box.  Trace the design using the erasable fabric marker.

Step 3 

Thread the needle using the threader.  You are punching from the reverse side of the fabric.  Push the needle all the way into the fabric, bring it up and out slightly, then glide it across for about 1cm, before pushing the needle back in.  Repeat this process to fill the spaces.  When you reach the end of a row, keep the needle in the fabric and turn it to carry on with the next row.  Ensure your stitches are consistent and punch each row in a brick layout.

Step 4 

For the watermelon, punch the black seeds first, followed by the coral, white and green sections.  For the lemon, start with a light yellow segment and punch the cream line in between the segments before moving on to the next segment.  Finish by punching the dark yellow outer.

Step 5 

As you are punching from the back, you need to ensure all your yarn tails are on that side.  Therefore, when you move to a new section or colour, hold the yarn on the loop side, gradually pull the needle out and cut a short tail.

Step 6 

Neaten any uneven loops between colours by gently separating them with the tip of your needle.

Step 7 

Remove the fabric from the frame.  Press the reverse side of the fabric, including the punched section, using a medium heat iron and a damp cloth.  Cut some backing fabric to match the size of the cushion fronts.

Step 8 

Pin and sew around the cushions leaving a 10cm gap so you can turn it through.  For the lemon use a zipper foot to allow you to sew closer to the punched stitches.

Step 9 

Cut notches around the edge of the lemon.  Turn both cushions the right way around.

Step 10 

Stuff the cushions ensuring you push into the corners.  Sew the gap with a ladder stitch.  You could embellish the watermelon cushion by adding tassels or pom poms to the corners using matching yarn.

Helpful Docs & Software

How to Make Punch Needle Fruit Cushions Templates

Use these templates to trace the design onto your fabric.


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