How to Make Personalised Enamel Mugs
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How to Make Personalised Enamel Mugs

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Design custom enamel mugs for all the family! The perfect gift idea or treat for yourself, these personalised mugs are a great way to get creative. Get your Posca paint pens at the ready and transform simple, blank mugs in just a few simple steps. It’s the perfect DIY project for beginners and the chance to unleash your creativity!


Project by Becki Clark

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Enamel Mugs

'Let's Stay Home' Enamel Mug

Step 1.

Use the Washi tape to create your guide lines for your lettering. You can split the phrase ‘Lets stay home’ across two lines by using one piece of Washi tape.

Step 2.


Using the tape as a guide, use your dark blue posca pen to write your first words above the strip of tape. 


Step 3. 

So that the cup looks balanced, and using your tape as a guide, add ‘Home’ below as centrally as you can to the 'Lets Stay'.

Step 4.

Now you can begin with your floral pattern. Create ditsy florals with this simple 4 petal shape, try not to worry too much about it looking perfect.

Now work these floral shapes across the mug.

Step  5.

Using another colour, add your leaf shapes around the florals. These are similar to teardrop shapes and can be as big or small as you’d like.

Step 6.

Using the dark blue add dots to the middle of your florals.

For this design, because the ‘a cup of tea’ is longer than the top line, start with this one as it is makes it easier to find your centre for the shorter words.

'You, Me & a Cup of Tea' Enamel Mug

Step 1. 

Repeat the Washi tape as a guide for the words as they will be split between two lines the same as the previous design. 

Until the mugs are baked you can wash off the design and start again so don’t worry about working straight onto the mug with the paint pens.

Step 2. 

Add your text. You can mix your lettering styles if you feel confident with the pens!

Step 3. 

To create the garden around the words you’ll need to draw curved lines, then add teardrop shapes along the line to create foliage style illustrations.

Step 4.

Colour these in so that you have a full coloured foliage stem, and then work these motifs around your lettering so that you create a garland frame.

Step 5.

Add dots in another colour to give the impression of berries.

After they have been in the oven you should use a cold or warm water to wash the mugs rather than a dishwasher.

Step 6 .

Leave the mugs dry for 24 hours. Once dry, place on an overproof dish and bake in the oven at 160 degrees for 40 minutes to secure the design. You can also use a clear varnish to help secure paint. 

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