Your Cricut Explore Paper Rosettes
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Your Cricut Explore Paper Rosettes

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Paper rosettes are a great way to decorate your event; baby shower, wedding or party, the Ribbons & Rosettes cartridge has a variety of different designs. Rosettes can easily be made using the Cricut Explore machine, and its online software Design Space, with its ability to score and cut. They can be made from paper, card, vellum, acetate; any resource that will score and zigzag fold. Make them in a variety of sizes to create a stunning display.

(Note: The term ‘Cricut Explore’ refers to all the Explore machines: Explore, Explore Air and Explore One)

You will need

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How to make


Connect the Cricut Explore to the pc/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account. On the landing page, search for the ‘Parties and Events’ category, then locate and select the ‘Party Paper Rosettes small’ Make It Now project.


This project creates a rosette of approximately 13cm/5” diameter. To create the rosette as designed, click ‘Make It Now’. To resize or alter the design, click ‘customise’. It can be resized as required by first highlighting the image and then dragging the corner point. The size appears in a black text box as the image is altered.


Score and cut the rosette from card or decorative paper inserting the scoring stylus into the accessory port when prompted.


Zigzag fold the rosette carefully at each score line using the scraper tool to reinforce the folds.


Glue the ends of the rosette together to form a circle using a strong PVA glue or glue tool and glue sticks. Once the glue is dry, carefully press the plain edge of the circle down to form the flattened rosette, pushing the edges inwards carefully. Secure the rosette by gluing the disc across the centre using the glue tool.


Make a quantity of the rosettes and thread twine though their lacy edges to create rosette bunting.


A video explaining the rosette’s assembly can be found at: https://www.creativebug.com/classseries/single/paper-wedding-crafts-diy-fans


Extra Project Ideas: Glue a wooden lolly stick to both ends of the opened rosette and secure with elastic to create a fan. These are great for summer weddings and events!


Glue the rosettes on to ribbons to make a hanging display.


Glue wooden sticks to the back of the rosettes and create a fun display in a plant pot or old wellington.


Create mini rosettes and glue them on to cocktail sticks as cupcake toppers.

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