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How to Create a Set of Unique Christmas Crackers

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Create a unique set of personalised Christmas Crackers for your dinner table this year using the kraft brown bases and a range of festive craft supplies from Hobbycraft. There are so many ways to decorate your crackers here are six examples!

You will need

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How to make

Holly Cracker

Step 1

Tie the cracker ends with some Merry Christmas ribbon.

Step 2

Cover the centre section with green paper, draw three holly leaves using the silver posca pen and also three berries using the gold pen.

Step 3

Fussy cut all the pieces out and arrange them in the centre.

Wreath Cracker

Step 1

Start by tying up the cracker ends with red and white twine.

Step 2

Use the silver posca pen the hand write the word JOY in the centre section, then hand draw small stars and dots at either end

Step 3

Tie up each cracker end using the red and white twine.

Step 4

Attach the wreath topper to the centre section, cut a thin strip of kraft cardstock, stamp out the name using alphabet stamps and black ink then trim a fishtail cut into each end creating a banner.

Step 5

Fix on top of the wreath using 3d foam pads.

Holly Doodle Cracker

Step 1

 Use the red velvet to tie up each cracker end.

Top tip! If you are left with gaps that are not big enough to fit a holly leave then fill with a few ber

Step 2

Use the silver posca pen to decorate the whole cracker with hand drawn holly leaves, then use the gold posca pen to add berries here and there mainly around the leaves.

Step 3

Tie up both cracker end with the Merry Christmas ribbon.

If you find the washi tape is not sticking down to well, use a small dab of glue to ensure they stay in place.

Washi Tape Cracker


Use the three washi tapes to decorate the cracker, cut small squares then fix them all over the whole cracker in a random pattern.

Poinsettia Cracker

Step 1

Start by tying each cracker end with twine.

Step 2

Attach a length of gold washi tape to each end of the cracker, fix three poinsettia to the centre section.

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