How to Make Clay Bead Keyrings
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How to Make Clay Bead Keyrings

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

There’s no denying that recently there has been a huge craze for all-things-clay. I personally LOVE the stuff. As a crafter and lover of all things handmade, clay allows me to really experiment and learn new ways of making a variety of different items; whether it be household objects, decorative pieces or fashion accessories, like these trendy clay bead keyrings!

Tutorial and step by step photos by That's so Gemma

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How to make

I highly recommend using a plastic bag as a surface to roll your clay on to. Air-drying clay has a tendency to stick to surfaces, so to save your hard work from being ruined use a plastic bag for easy-peel.

Step 1

Roll your clay into bead shapes – you can go round or square, whichever you prefer!

Step 2

Use a needle/ large cocktail stick to create holes in to your pieces.

Step 3

When all pieces are complete, leave in a cool, dry space to allow the air-drying clay to completely dry. This is when patience and time is needed as you’ll need to leave them for 2-3 days depending on the thickness of your products.

Step 4

Keep checking your clay items to see how they are drying. You may need to turn them over every once in a while so they get full coverage of air.

Step 5

When the clay is completely dry and stiffened it’s time to start decorating your pieces. To paint the beads for my charms, I used acrylic paint on some, and decorated the others with different patterns created from the porcelain pens.

Step 6

Once all the beads were completely dry, I threaded 4 beads on to different coloured ribbons.

Step 7

On one end of the beads I tied a knot to secure, and on the other end I sewed on a gold key ring to create the charm.

Step 8


A couple of scissor-snips to cut the ribbon and the charms were complete.

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