How to Make Halloween Cardboard Tube Characters
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How to Make Halloween Cardboard Tube Characters

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Your little ones will love making these Halloween cardboard tube characters. Perfect for using up craft supplies, create a witch, a mummy, a monster and a little Dracula in just one crafting afternoon.

You could even let your kids’ imaginations run wild by encouraging them to create their own unique and spooky characters to really make an impact!

Project and instructions by Little Button Diaries.

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How to make

Step 1

Start by painting the base of the tubes. We've gone for orange for our monster, black for the mummy, green for the witch, and white for Dracula. Then, glue googly eyes onto each one.

Step 2

For the mummy, cut strips from the length of some white felt. Add a dot of glue to the end of the felt and wrap it around the tube. Repeat with more felt until you have a good coverage and the tube is well mummified. 

Step 3

For Dracula glue black and red felt together.  Trim the felt so that it fits snugly around the tube and leave to dry.

Step 4

For the hair, fold a small strip of felt in half and cut a curve out along the side. Glue this around the top of the tube. You can use a rubber band to hold it in place whilst it dries if you need to. Glue the red side of the cloak, leaving the top corners unglued. Wrap it around the tube and leave to dry, using more rubber bands if you need to.

Step 5

For the witch, glue a piece of black felt around the tube for a dress. For the cape, add glue along the top of another piece of felt and wrap this around. Make hair by wrapping wool around a book about 20 times. Remove from the book and tie in the middle. Trim the loops then use glue or double-sided tape to attach the hair to the top of the head.

Step 6

For her hat, cut a circle of felt using a small bowl, then cut another half circle. Fold the circle in half and snip a about an inch into the felt. Fold in the other direction and repeat. Check the fit on the witch and adjust if you need to, then glue in place. Add glue to the curved edge of the half circle and wrap this around the rim. Glue at the back.

Step 7

For the monster, draw on a funny mouth and cut this out. Then, paint the inside of the mouth red. Once dry, glue on some pipe cleaner lips and add some spikey card teeth to the inside.

Step 8

Finish by twisting pipe cleaners around your fingers then glue or tape inside the tube for wiggly hair.

Step 9

Finish off by adding details to the faces with pens.

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