10 Reasons You'll Love a Weaving Party
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10 Reasons You'll Love a Weaving Party

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £30+
Time 1/2 day +

Whether you’re already quite the weaving wonder or you’re on the way there, a weaving party – or a weavening, as we like to call it – will be a great way to make your next wall hanging! Get some friends together, grab your yarn and settle in for a fun night of crafting.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons we think you’ll love a weavening!

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How to make

1. It’s easy to get going

If taking up a new craft feels daunting, it’ll be made all the more easy by having a group of friends around. Everyone, including beginners, can help each other along. The only materials you’ll need are: a loom, thin cotton for the warp, a variety of yarn, ribbons and rovings, and your dowel or stick for hanging the finish weaving on. (Wine optional.)

2. No pattern needed

After you’ve set up the warp, all you need to do is select the yarn you want to start with and get going. For guidance on how to weave on a loom, check out our how-to blog post >> for more details.

3. Great for any age

A weavening could be just the thing for getting your friends from work together to unwind, perhaps a creative alternative to book club, or even the perfect way to bring together different generations of your family. It’s an activity for all ages to enjoy, from creative kids to golden oldies. Everyone can get stuck in.

4. Perfect for using up leftovers

You can add anything you want to your weave: ribbons, pom-poms, gems, sequins, tassels and more. It can also be a simple way of utilising odds and ends of yarn that you have lying about from your last big knit. Choose bold colours and fun combinations for designs that’ll stand out.

5. You can share resources

If everyone’s bringing their own yarn and trimmings, it can be fun to swap and trade your favourite embellishments to suit the weaving you’re working on.

6. Get inspired by other makes

When you’re weaving with friends, you’re certain to be surrounded by inspiration! As well as sharing resources, you can share ideas – and bounce your own bright ideas off everyone else. Should you add another pom-pom? (Yes!) Should you change up your yarn colours? (Yes!) Will the answer always be yes? (Yes!)

7. Try things out, you can always undo

This is the perfect craft if you’re afraid of commitment. Try it, review and undo if you want to.

8. Relax and have a chat as you make!

Once you’re into the swing of things, you can relax as you weave. Have a chat, have a drink and catch up with friends. It’ll be a prime opportunity to find out who’s up to speed on the latest Netflix series, or share any big life events. Even as the evening unravels, your weaving won’t. It’s the perfect way to unwind in good company.

9. Make it competitive

If you’re as competitive as you are creative, why not make a contest of it? When everyone’s finished making, declare a weave of the eve! No matter what, you’ll have to put aside time for admiring everyone else’s finished masterpieces.

10. The finished result makes a great gift

At the end of the night, you’ll have a custom-designed wall hanging to brighten up your home. You could even give it as a gift and brighten someone else’s day. Simply lift your weaving from the loom to add the dowel and tie off the bottom to finish.

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