How to Make a Castle Box Card
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How to Make a Castle Box Card

Difficulty Advanced
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Take your card making to the next level with this beautiful dimensional box card created using the Intricut Castle die set. Create in your lucky recipients favourite colours using card and paper stock, then finish off with a stamped celebratory greeting. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating a box card its easy to create other dimensional cards with other favourites from you craft stash.

Project by Julie Hole

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How to make

Step 1

Cut two pieces of white cardstock to measure 15 x 16.5cm. Score at 1.5cm and 8cm on each piece. Turn 90° anti-clockwise and score at 9.5cm. Be sure to leave one of the 8.5cm wide panels un-scored here to create the high back section of the card. Cut away the 1.5cm sections on both pieces to the bottom 5.5cm score point. Cut down the long score lines to the 5.5cm score points. 

Step 2 

Fold along all score lines and crease with paper folder tool for emphasis. Glue together both sections along tab lines to create a three dimensional box card. Allow to dry. Round lower corners of all upper sections with a craft punch. Cut mirror card to measure as follows:

5 x 8cm = two times

5 x 6cm = four times

These are the lower mat layers for the walls of the card. Using the corner punch, round the lower corners of the upper sections of cardstock. Glue into position allowing for a narrow white border on all sides.

Step 3 

Cut dark blue Sizzix cardstock to measure as follows:

4.5 x 7.5cm = two times

4.5 x 5.5cm = four times

These are the upper mat layers for the walls of the card. Round the lower corners of the upper sections. Glue into position allowing for a narrow iridescent card border on all sides.

Step 4 

Cut two strips of white cardstock to measure 2.5 x 10.5cm. Score at 1cm at each end of both strips and fold into elongated “z” shapes. Apply strong adhesive to each end of the strip and glue into place inside the box card ensuring that it remains parallel to the front and back of the card. Hold in place with paper clips or similar to allow glue to dry. Repeat the process with the second strip advancing its position slightly.

Step 5 

Die cut the Intricut Castle design several times from iridescent card, as well as blue and grey shades of Sizzix cardstock. For the main (rear) topper, layer dark grey, iridescent card and pale blue cardstocks, cutting away sections on each layer as shown in the image. Place this topper section against the rear high panel of the card. Draw around the top profile of the topper with a faint pencil line and fussy-cut away the white areas to fit the shape of the castle.

Step 6

Glue the topper in to position, making sure to line up the fussy-cut edges of the back panel.

Step 7 

To create the next section cut away outer castle turrets on a pale blue die-cut. Stick down to sky blue cardstock and fussy cut around the whole shape. Secure with strong glue onto first of the internal “z” strips.

Step 8 

For the third layer cut away both turret areas leaving only the middle section in navy blue cardstock. Stick down to pale grey cardstock and fussy-cut away excess card. Secure to the second of the “z” strips. To create the final layer of the castle cut away everything except the turreted gateway section. Layer onto iridescent card and fussy-cut away any surplus cardstock.

Step 9

Stamp the sentiment frame onto white cardstock with an embossing ink pad and heat emboss with Silver embossing powder. In black ink, stamp the “Magical” sentiment first of all across the centre of the frame. Stamp “birthday” below and “wishing you a” above paying particular attention to spacing. We then allowed this to dry thoroughly before applying Tim Holtz Broken China ink lightly around the edges of the frame area, tyo add another subtle pop of colour. Fussy-cut around the outside edge of the sentiment and apply to the front panel of the box card with 3D foam pads.

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