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How to Make Six Quick & Easy Christmas Cards

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Project and how-to make instructions by Emma Jones

I still write letters to everyone I post a Christmas card to, which takes quite some time (!), so I need to make cards that don’t require a long time to make.

Mini dies are ideal for using up cardstock off-cuts (which I have in abundance!), and make great clean and simple card designs that can be whipped up in next to no time, all ready for sending out well before the big day!

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How to make

Merry Christmas Pom Pom Card

Mini pom poms are ideal for card making projects! On a portrait navy blue card blank secure a wooden Merry Christmas topper centrally, then use a hot melt glue gun to apply red pom poms sporadically over the rest of the card; you can use as many or as few as you like!

Merry Christmas Layered Die-cut Card

On a kraft card blank use a white pen to draw small dots, to give the effect of snowfall. For the central greting, die cut ‘Merry Christmas’ from three different colours of plain cardstock. Use a glue pen to secure these one on top of the other, off-setting them slightly, in the centre of the card blank. 

Paper Rosette Christmas Card

Paper rosettes are super-simple to make once you know how! Start by cutting a piece of patterned cardstock (I used a sheet of paper from the HoHoHo paper pad) to 30.5 (W) x 3.5 (H)cms. Using a score board or scoring tool, score lines across the entire cardstock width every 5mm. Once complete, concertina fold along the cardstock, alternating between mountain and valley folds. Once complete your piece of paper should look like an accordion! Trim away any excess cardstock.

Glue the two ends together using a hot melt glue gun to form a cylinder. Trim a small piece disc of cardstock (roughly 3cm in diameter), place to one side. the the folded paper piece on a flat surface gently push down and out on the top edge (this can be a little fiddly) to create a closed circle/rosette shape. Add hot glue to the back of the paper disc and secure centrally on the back of the rosette – this will help the rosette keep its shape. Add a layered die-cut greeting to the centre of the rosette to complete the design.

Clean and Simple Holly Greeting Card

CAS or Clean and Simple cards are ideal if you’ve got a lot of cards to make and time is tight. Just adding a simple die-cut and a sticker to a card blank is all that’s needed to create a beautiful handmade card. Making sure you pick the right colour card blank is key with these types of cards, as you’ll need to ensure your greeting stands out and is centre stage.

Top tip: Leave the tacky glue to dry slightly before adding the twine on top.

Wooden Topper Cards

Twine is a craft stash staple and it works a treat when it comes to creatig bordes for your card making projects. Clear drying tacky glue is the best adhesive to ensure the twine stays in place.

Then use wooden letter in complimentary tones to add your greeting centrally to the card blank, just like I’ve done on the card pictured below. If you can’t find wooden letter to compliment your twine, simply by plain ones and use craft paint to decorate them exactly how you like!

Super-Simple Wooden Topper Card

Sometimes all you need is a great wooden topper or two to create a quick, yet beautiful, card. Wooden toppers come in an array of sizes, finishes and type so the sky really is the limit when it comes to coming up with ideas for your festive notelets! Make sure to secure in place with a strong adhesive such as tacky glue, which also dries clear.

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