How to Make Pressed Flower Tealight Holders
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How to Make Pressed Flower Tealight Holders

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
These delicate pressed flower lanterns create a beautiful warm summery glow, and are a lovely project for re purposing your old jam jars! Perfect for a party or wedding table, they can be filled with LED lights as well as regular tealights for use indoors and out.   Project by Jenny Muncaster, extracted from €˜The Artist in You €™ Episode 6: Pressing Matters available on Amazon Prime. To find more fantastic craft projects from The Artist in You, click through here to watch on Amazon Prime.

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How to make


Follow the instructions on the Instant Flower Press and build up your own collection of flowers and petals to use in the project. Less bulky flowers and single petals work best as they adhere more easily to the glass and their natural transparency will allow the light to shine through.


Water down your PVA 50%/50% and start off pasting the glue in approximately a 2 inch section on the glass. It is best to work in small areas at a time.


Pick up your flowers and petals and stick down on to the already glued area in a pattern of your choice. Leave a few gaps in-between for the light to shine through. A handy tip is to use a wooden BBQ stick with a blob of blue tack on the end to pick up the flowers as you go. You will find the flowers are very delicate and tricky to pick up with fingers.


Apply a further coat of glue on top of the flowers to completely cover the area again in glue and bond them to the jar. Don’t worry the glue will dry clear.


Work around the glass pasting more flowers and petals in sections until you have completed the jar to your desired design, adding another layer of glue on to each section of flowers as before.


If you wish why not decorate the lid of the jar as well with petals and flowers in the same way. Leave the jar and lid to dry overnight and for the glue to change from milky to transparent.


Fill the jar with LED lights or a battery operated tealight. If you use regular tealights remember the lid must be removed when the tealight is lit.

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