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Hobbycrafts Wins at British Knitting & Crochet Awards

January 2021

We're thrilled to announce that we have won the British Knitting & Crochet Award 2020 for Top Chain Store!

hank you to our wonderful customers for voting for us and making us the winners for the fourth year in a row!

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The Bridgerton Effect

January 2021

The new Netflix show, 'Bridgerton', has captured the heart of the nation and inspired many to start crafting, as Hobbycraft reveals searches for embroidery have increased by 86%* since the show began and sales of stitching accessories and kits have increased by 30% and 20%* respectively. From witty characters, to eccentric outfits, the show has been a huge success, reaching over 63 million households and has seemingly provided some much-needed crafting inspiration, with characters embroidering their way through the series.

Hobbycraft has seen 1,000%* increase in searches for the term 'embroidery' on its Ideas Hub and it was the most searched for term on the site from the 28th December - the week following the first episode airing - as the nation became well and truly hooked on the show and wanted to try their hand at embroidery.

Another craft growing in popularity since the show aired is Bargello which Hobbycraft predicts to be one of this year’s top crafting trends! The technique for Bargello works with one stitch throughout making it a simple way to recreate some of Bridgerton’s luxe fashion and interior designs seen throughout the series.

Katherine Paterson, Customer Director at Hobbycraft: "We’re delighted that the Netflix show has inspired even more people to get into craft. Embroidery is the perfect craft for beginners, and it was great to see searches when the series launched. The simple and repetitive technique is often described by our customers as ‘calming’ and as with many crafts it’s a great for mindfulness. We have a wealth of online resources available to help get those new to embroidery up to speed, and we can’t wait to see what people create."

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A Visit from Sir Rod Stewart

January 2021

Our lucky click & collect colleagues at Hobbycraft Harlow received a special visit from none other than Rod Stewart this week. Sir Rod was so impressed with Kate and Tracy’s positivity and help that he promised to drop off signed albums for both of them!

A note from Rod said:

"Today I was shopping at Hobbycraft in Harlow, although I wasn’t allowed in due to Covid , the two ladies there Kate and Tracy could not have been more pleasant and kind, they did not know who I was until I lowered my mask to speak.

How refreshing in these gloomy days, thank you both so much.

I shall be dropping off signed albums for both of them xxx

Sir Rod Stewart CBE"