It's never too late to try your hand at something new and, for each month of 2019, we're focusing on a different craft to inspire your creativity!

Whether you want to expand your talents beyond knit or it's your first venture into the world of yarn, there's no better time to get started in crochet! This is a versatile craft that'll transform your wardrobe and your home. Hook yourself up with the basics and explore endless inspiration below.

Start by learning to crochet a chain

1. Make a slip knot around the crochet hook
2. Wrap the yarn once around the crochet hook above the slip knot
3. Use the hook to pull the yarn through the slip knot

Match the yarn weight to the hook size

For a standard crochet stitch: the bigger the hook, the bigger the yarn. The hook should match the tension of the yarn, with the standard hook sizes for each yarn weight laid out in our guide below.

However, if you want to create a looser stitch for a garment with more of a drape, use a bigger hook for your yarn. Alternatively, for a denser stitch – such as with amigurumi, for example – go down a hook size. Remember to always swatch your project for you start to make sure you're happy with your fabric.

UK crochet abbreviation guide

RsRight side
WsWrong side
St (s)Stitch (es)
SsSlip Stitch
DcDouble crochet
TrTreble crochet
DtrDouble treble
HtrHalf treble
Ch-SpChain space
Dc2togDouble crochet 2 stitches together
Inv decInvisible decrease

Shop for everything you'll need to get started

It's really easy to get started in crochet – all you need is a hook and some yarn! You can also browse our range of patterns to find the perfect project to inspire you.

Watch the playlist to learn new crochet techniques

Once comfortable with creating a chain stitch, it's time to learn some techniques that will allow you to create your first crochet project. Watch the playlist below to find out how to create double and treble crochet stitches, change yarn colours and crochet a granny square!

Explore the blog for more crochet project ideas

Visit the Hobbycraft blog to discover free patterns – from granny squares to amigurumi – for all seasons and all skill levels! We've got a huge range of projects that will be perfect for every step of your journey into crochet. You can even try your hand at fun crochet-alongs!

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to get started in crochet is a hook and some yarn. There are some great how-to videos available on the Hobbycraft YouTube channel, and we also have lots of inspiration and step-by-step guides on the Hobbycraft blog.
The best yarn to start with is something that shows the stitch definition really well, so avoid any fluffy yarns to begin with. One of the best yarns to use would be a cotton yarn - our Knitcraft Cotton Blend yarn works really well. The yarn comes in a lot of great colours too, so you’ll be able to find something perfect for your first project!
A tapestry needle, or darning needle, is used to sew in the ends of yarn at the end of a project.
There are lots of free patterns available on the Hobbycraft website, and on the Hobbycraft blog.