Get Started In Knitting

Discover one of the most timeless crafts of all, with the potential to transform your wardrobe, accessories and homewares! We're showing you the basics of casting on and getting to grips with knitting patterns so that you'll be ready to bring a huge range of garments to life.

How to Cast On

1. Create slip knot and place onto left hand needle.
2. Insert right hand needle into loop on left hand needle from the front of the loop to the back.
3. Wrap yarn around right hand needle and pull back through.
4. Place loop from right hand needle onto left hand needle.

Match the Yarn Weight to Needle Size

For a standard stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row), the bigger your needles, the bigger the stitch.

Yarn labels will tell you the standard needle size for that yarn, along with the tension (how many stitches and rows to 10cm). If you want to create a looser stitch for a garment, use a bigger needle. If you want to create a denser fabric, such as with sock knitting, go down a needle size.

Top tip! Always remember to swatch your project before you start to make sure you are happy with your fabric. If you are following a pattern, you must make sure your tension matches the tension on the pattern, otherwise your project could come out too big or too small.

Video Guides