Cricut: How to Make Rabbit Napkin Rings
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Cricut: How to Make Rabbit Napkin Rings

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

These Easter Bunny napkin rings are a beautiful way of adding a finishing touch to your dinner table. Made from basswood, the napkin rings are a simple cut for the Cricut Maker using the Cricut knife blade and rotary housing.

This project has been created using the desktop Design Space app, which is necessary when using the Cricut knife blade and housing.

Project by Hobbycraft Artisan Vicky Boyns

This project contains paid for content from Cricut’s Design Space app


You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

Cricut Design Space app installed on a laptop, PC, Tablet or mobile device


This project includes paid for Design Space images

Step 1

Open the Cricut Design Space app and start a new project. From the canvas area of click the “Images” icon. Type ‘rabbit’ in the search bar, choose and insert your rabbit. Resize to desired dimensions

Selecting rabbit image

Step 2

Using the shapes icon choose a circle.

selecting circle icon

Step 3

Reduce the circle size so that it fits in the widest part of the rabbit with a margin all around

Reducing circle to fit into the widest part of the rabbit

Step 4

Highlight both images together and click on ‘slice’ on the right side of the screen. As a result of ‘slicing’ you will be left with the circle used to cut, the circle cut out of the shape and the rabbit with a hole in it. Remove and delete all shapes apart from the rabbit with the hole.  

Step 5

Highlight the cut rabbit, click on ‘Actions’ followed by ‘duplicate’ five times to make six napkin rings. 

Duplicating rabbit

Step 6

Once happy with the design, click the green ‘make it’ button. You will then be taken through to the mat preview screen, arrange your napkin ring images on the mats page so that they fit your piece of basswood to have the least wastage possible. Click ‘continue’. Once through to the machine set up screen, click on ‘Browse all materials’ and type ‘basswood’ into the search bar. Choose basswood.

Step 7

Apply the basswood to the purple StrongGrip mat, using masking tape on all four sides to secure it in place. Load your mat and complete the cut. As a number of passes with the knife blade are required to cut the design an estimated time to cut will appear on the screen.

Step 8

Carefully peel away the cutting mat from the basswood. Your napkin rings are then ready to use!

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