How to Make a Snow Globe
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How to Make a Snow Globe

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Tis the season to be jolly! That's why I'm super excited to be sharing with you today this extremely fun, festive make which makes the perfect decoration for your mantle piece. Trust me, the kids will LOVE this.

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How to make


To begin with, separate the three different pieces of your snow globe. You’ll have the bowl, the crew top to seal everything, and an inner piece of plastic that fits snug into the frame (this is the piece you want to make your design on!).


Use a hot glue gun to attach your decorations to the plastic. Try experimenting with different arrangements before finally sticking down.


The great thing about a glue gun is that it doesn’t take long to dry and the glue is very lenient on where you want it to go. Stick down your main decorations beforehand for you to work around.


Hobbycraft sell some lovely little fake balls of snow, so I glued these down around the trees and swan to make it look more realistic. This is also a great way of hiding any glue on show.


Once your arrangement has completely dried and your happy with the overall look, begin adding some glitter and artificial snow to your snow globe.


I would recommend adding approximately 1 teaspoon of glitter, and 2 teaspoons of snow.


You don’t want to overfill your snow globe so remember, less is more!


Once you’ve ‘glittered up’, test how easy it is to position the base in to the globe.


Then, screw on the sealing cap to the globe to ensure there’s no spillage.

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