How to Make Clay Coasters
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How to Make Clay Coasters

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

There’s so much scope when it comes to using clay, and of course I love it because it’s also a little bit messy… And what crafter on earth doesn’t like a bit of mess eh? That’s why I thought it was the perfect material to whip up some quick clay coasters, which are fab for a quick home update or an easy gift!

Tutorial and step by step photos by That’s So Gemma.

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How to make

Top Tip!…I highly recommend using a plastic bag as a surface to roll your clay on to. Air-drying clay has a tendency to stick to surfaces, so to save your hard work from being ruined use a plastic bag for easy-peel.

Step 1 

Air drying clay is so simple to use. Just remove the packaging and take an amount that you require to mould. I always keep a glass of water close by incase I feel the clay becomes to dry. Adding water will help, but be careful not to add too much!

Step 2 

I used cookie cutters to cut out the shapes, and a ‘rolling pin’ to flatten the clay to the required thickness. (I say rolling pin lightly because it’s actually a pestle from a pestle and morter, it’s smaller and easier to manoeuvre FYI!)

Step 3 

When all pieces are complete, leave in a cool, dry space to allow the air-drying clay to completely dry. This is when patience and time is needed as you’ll need to leave them for 2-3 days depending on the thickness of your products.

Step 4 

Keep checking your clay items to see how they are drying. You may need to turn them over every once in a while so they get full coverage of air.

Step 5 

When the clay is completely dry and stiffened it’s time to start decorating your pieces. You can use porcelain paints and porcelain pens, but acrylic paint does also work well too. I used an array of porcelain pens which are great for getting teeny tiny details on to the clay with ease.

Step 6 

For the coasters, I chose 4 different colours and drew the same pattern on to each coaster to create a matching set.

Step 7 

Once the porcelain paint was dry, I used mod podge to seal and protect the clay giving it a shiny varnish effect.

Step 8

I tied up the set of 4 coasters to keep them safe and undamaged, just think how cute this would be to give or receive as a gift!

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