3 Quick Harry Potter Costume Ideas
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3 Quick Harry Potter Costume Ideas

Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Sometimes you just don't have enough time in the day to get a full-on costume sorted for World Book Day, but that's okay. Even if it's last minute, there's loads of quick and easy makes you can crack on with in one evening! We've picked everyone's favourite wizard and come up with three quick harry potter costume ideas you can put together in less than an hour - lifesaver!

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How to make


1. Take a pipe cleaner, and bend one end down a little. This will be the section that sits over your ears.

2. With the same pipe cleaner, shape the other end into a circle and twist or glue onto the straight edge of the pipe cleaner to secure.

3. Repeat the above steps with a second pipe cleaner so you have two halves of a pair of glasses.

4. To create the bridge, cut a shorter length of pipe cleaner, and twist each end around the circular parts of your two halves. Cut off any ends that are poking out.


1. Plug your glue gun in and let it heat up for 5 minutes.

2. Use sandpaper to file down the point of the knitting needle. Hold the pointy end of the knitting needle in your hand, and begin to decorate the other end with glue. Create swirling or knarly patterns as per your preference.

3. Leave to harden until set. Build up extra layers if you need to.

4. Paint the whole needle using acrylic paint in your chosen shade of brown. Use two shades of brown to add tone and depth if you have extra time.

Gryffindor Tie

1. Cut out a tie shape from red felt.

2. From your yellow felt, cut out strips in two widths – I would suggest about 1.5cm wide and 0.7cm wide.

3. Position the yellow strips on the red tie base, until you are happy with the design. Trim off the edges to the required width.

4. Stick down the yellow stripes using your glue gun.

5. Measure how much elastic you need to go around your neck, and cut with a couple of centimetres extra each side to allow for sticking down.

6. Finally, use your glue gun to stick the edges of the elastic down onto the back of the felt tie, and leave to dry.

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