How to Make a Volcano from Paper
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How to Make a Volcano from Paper

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Did you know that the word volcano originates from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan?

Crack out your craft supplies and make sure your volcano goes out with a bang! Perfect for little hands with a little assistance needed from a grown up for slightly trickier stages.

Perfect for a school project

You will need

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How to make

Step 1 

Cut out your template and draw around it onto your cardboard.

Step 2 

Paint your volcano brown all over. Don’t worry if you go over the edges, as you will be cutting it out.

Step 3 

Once it’s dry, cut the volcano out. Paste glue onto the tab at the edge and stick the ends together so it forms a sort of cone. Dab glue around the bottom of your volcano and stick it onto your paper plate. Hold it in place for a few minutes to help it stick.

Step 4 

Tear up strips of tissue paper and stuff them into the top of your volcano so it looks like it is erupting! Add scrunched up tissue around the base of your volcano to make lava.

Step 5 

And you’re done!

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