How to Make a Quilled Unicorn
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How to Make a Quilled Unicorn

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1+ Days
Create this majestic quilled unicorn using the Papermania Capsule Solid Cardstock - follow the guide below to find out how to make your own. This is a brilliant project to learn the basics of quilling, and there's no need to draw out your own unicorn outline as there's a handy downloadable template provided.

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How to make


Choose a colour palette of around 6 colours as well as two tonal shades of each. Cut 1cm strips of all shades.


Fold and trim the A2 sheet of cardstock in half, so that you have two pieces of A3 card. Place a piece of card to one side for another project.


Print out the unicorn template and cut out with a craft knife or pair of scissors. Centrally place the outline on the sheet of A3 card and trace around the outline with a pencil.


Start to quill the unicorn’s mane by grouping all shades of one colour together and twirling one end around the quilling tool. Continue to build the mane with each new colour, fixing down with a small amount of glue as you go.


Using 1cm wide strips of white cardstock, trace around the shape of the unicorn’s body starting with the head, again fixing down with glue as you go, leaving space for the tail shape.


Cut a strip of white card and fix into a horn shape to the top of the head. Use all of the colours used within the piece to fill the horn with half moon shapes.


Start to quill the tail shape in the same way as the mane, starting with one colour and building up the colours.


Finish the outline of the unicorn around the tail.


Cut a small oval shape for the unicorn’s eye and fix down adding some eyelashes and a speck of white for detail.
Top tips: The most difficult part of this piece is the Unicorn outline; take your time on this section and stick to using smooth flowing lines when creating the mane and tail. Use a small paintbrush to add glue to small, tricky areas. Use three tones of each quilling strip to add interest to the piece. Quill the mane and the tail first before the unicorn body shape.


Finish the piece by decorating the outer edges of the unicorn with stars, creating both quilled and flat shapes. To create the 3D stars, evenly concertina fold a strip of paper so that there are five mountain and valley folds on either side. Attach both ends of the strip to each other with a small amount of glue, and position into the star shape.

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Unicorn Template


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