How to Make a Felt Flower Garland
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How to Make a Felt Flower Garland

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Felt is a fantastic product for kids to learn to sew with as it's so stable easy to cut and sew without ruining. A felt flower garland is the perfect project for spring, and will brighten up their room with a bit of colour on a dark and rainy day!

You will need

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How to make

Top Tip! . . .This is a really simple make but cutting the pieces can be time consuming so it’s important to have extra sharp scissors.

Step 1

Cut different flower and leaf shapes, in different sizes from your coloured felt.

Top Tip! . . .Using fabric glue is an easy way to fix everything together, the glue I used take 24 hours to form a permanent bond or you can iron it, so check your instructions and get that iron hot or time your make so you can leave everything to dry before finishing it.

Step 2

Layer up some different flower or leaf shapes and glue together to create a fun look.

Felt Flower Garland

Step 3

Using a basic running stitch sew your flowers and leaves onto the wool to create your garland.

Step 4

Glue pom poms to the flowers for extra decoration.

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