How to Tie-Dye a Summer Bag
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How to Tie-Dye a Summer Bag

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1/2 day +

The perfect activity for summer, tie-dye gives you magical results every time. The year’s biggest trend is certain to produce a different, dazzling colour effect every time – and anyone can do it! Experiment with a variety of folding and scrunching techniques with your fabric, starting with this simple folding method that uses rubber bands to secure the material.

Project and instructions by Georgia Coote.

You will need

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How to make

You Will Also Need 

- 250g salt
- Scales
- Bucket or basin to dye in
- Rubber gloves

Step 1 

Weigh the fabric and then wash it. You’ll need to leave it damp to use. Concertina fold from the bottom of the bag upwards, fasten with elastic bands and then fold the whole bag in half. Tie again with rubber bands.

Step 2 

The quantities below are for Dylon Dye; if you are using a different brand, please follow their instructions accordingly. Empty the dye sachet into the bucket and dissolve with 500ml warm water. Top up with 6 litres of warm water and then add and stir in 250g of salt.

Step 3 

Submerge the fabric in the dye solution and stir for 15mins, then stir at regular intervals for 45mins. Rinse with cold water and then leave for 2-4 hours in the empty bucket.

Step 4 

Cut off the elastic bands and then hang to dry. To set the dye, wash in warm water and allow to dry out of direct heat and sunlight, or follow manufacturers' instructions.

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