How to Make a Snowy House Wreath
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How to Make a Snowy House Wreath

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Add a splash of colour to your front door, with this bright snowy house wreath! The little wooden houses painted in bright colours, and selection of christmas trees, offer you a bit of classic Christmas nostalgia mixed with a modern colour palette.

Tutorial by Jessica Hillier.

You will need

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How to make

Top Tip!...If you wanted a fuller design with your wreath we advise you to add extra foliage in before you make your wreath. Hobbycraft have a wide selection of fake eucalyptus and ivy, or you can use fresh foliage.

Step 1

Fluff out the wreath and give the wreath a good coating of fake snow spray to give it a true winters look.

Placing of the wire/string to be hung… Choosing a wire/string, feed it through the main frame of the wreath, bring both ends of the wire/string up, make a loop 5cm big and twist/knot to tie it off. Cut the excess and feed the twisted/knot part back through the wreath and bring the loop to the top.

Step 2

Paint the houses; with the colours you have chosen, give each house a minimum of 4 coats of paint. Allow 5/10 minutes drying period for each coat, then allow 20 minutes for the houses to fully dry.

Step 3

Securing the wire to the houses. With your staple gun/glue gun place a wire equally in the middle of the back of the house and then staple/glue gun into place. Once complete, bring both ends of the wire upright, so they will be ready to be placed onto the wreath.  (Do this to all the small houses)

Step 4

Attaching the house to the wreath. Place the house on the section of wreath you want it to be. Placing each wire on the house either side of the main frame of the wreath, feed through the wire to the back of the wreath. Pull tight and twist of and cut the excess wire. Repeat stage for the rest of the houses. 

Top Tip!...For your large house you will need to add a battery if you wish to light it up, before the next stage.

Step 5

Attaching the wire to the your large house: Staple/glue gun two wires either side of the battery. They will need to be either side of the battery, going long ways from the back to the front of the house (please see diagram). Once in place staple/glue gun into place. Staple/glue gun towards the back of the house, as this will sit deeper in the wreath when on show.

Step 6

Now place the house on the base of the wreath at the bottom. Making sure that both sets of wires are placed in front and behind the main frame of the wreath, this will work when tying off.

Pull both sets of wires down. Now with one set, 1 back and 1 front wire twist these two wires together, so it is tightly secured, repeat this for the other wire. Cut off excess. The house is now tightly secured to the main frame of the wreath.

Turn your hot/cold glue gun on for the following stages.

Step 7

Tear off a piece of moss, place this under the wadding/cotton wool. When happy glue into place. Repeat for all of the houses.

Step 8

Tear off a bit of wadding/cotton wool and place under the house. When happy glue into place. Repeat for all of the houses.

Step 9

For your larger house in the centre, repeat both 6 and 7 stages then tear off enough wadding/cotton wool for the roof. Glue this into place.

Step 10

With your mini bottle brush trees, place them in and around your houses. Glue these into the wadding/cotton wool and moss so you don’t see the bases of the trees.

Step 11

Using your small pine cones, glue these into place one by one around your wreath.

Top Tip!...When dusting off the excess, be advised to do this over a bin, on a removable mat or outside, as the snow can spread and get a bit messy. But it’s so worth the shine on your wreath!

Step 12

Last stage is to sprinkle on your fake snow. With your PVA glue, highlight the areas you want to stand out – edges of the houses, top of the trees, tops of wadding/cotton wool etc. Sprinkle on the fake snow.

Step 13

 Allow the wreath to dry for 1 hour before hanging.

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