How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree
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How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Want to make your own decorations for Christmas this year but don't know what to make? Get into the Christmas spirit by creating these wonderful little origami Christmas trees! These little trees are ideal to make with your little ones as they’re so simple to make – and take no time at all!

Experiment with different colours, sizes, and embellishments to create your own scene of dynamic origami festive trees!

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How to make

Step 1

To begin your Origami Christmas tree, you will need to make a square fold with your piece of paper.

Step 2

To create a square fold you will need to fold your piece of paper in half to make a triangle. Once you have done this, open up your piece of paper again and repeat this same process so that your folds look like a cross. So now your paper should look like this…

Step 3

Lift and open the top triangular pocket, refold this to make a square.

Step 4

Turn over your piece of paper and repeat step three again. This will create your square fold!

Step 5

You now need to find the side that opens up. It is important that you have this side at the bottom as you will need to use it to finish your origami Christmas tree.

Step 6

Lift the right flap and fold it so that the outer edge meets your crease in the middle of your square fold. Make sure you have folded this enough as this is where your paper becomes a little thicker and sometimes that can make it harder to work with. So make sure to use a paper creaser!

Step 7

Repeat step six for the remanding three flaps, always starting from the right side and bringing the edge to meet where your crease is in the middle of the square fold. Once you have done this, your piece of paper should look like a diamond!

Step 8

This is where the open part of your square fold is important! The bottom bit of your diamond shape is made up of 4 pieces. You need to fold up one piece on each side, this will help to lock the four flaps you have just made to stay in place.

Step 9

You should now be able to open up your tree so that you can see the inside. On the inside put four pieces of double sided tape, peel off the non sticky side of your tape and press all the sides of your tree together.

Step 10

You now have an Origami Christmas tree! Try having a go using different coloured, patterned and sized pieces of paper.

Step 11

Here are a few examples of how you could vary your origami Christmas tree sets using different papers and decorations! No matter what you use, they look effective and very festive too!

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