How to Make Yarn Ball Baubles
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How to Make Yarn Ball Baubles

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

I don't know about you guys but I just LOVE it when I find a unique, quirky Christmas bauble that stands out from the crowd. For any knitters, sewers and crocheters out there, you need to make these yarn ball baubles! It's a double whammy really, a craft for the craft lovers!

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How to make


Begin by painting your polystyrene ball with a coating of mod podge. PVA glue would also work just as well!


Paint on a layer enough to hold down the initial layer of wool. Oh and, word of warning… This may get a little stick and messy (but who doesn’t love that?!).


Start wrapping your wool around the polystyrene ball whilst holding it in place.


You may notice that after a few runs in one direction, you need to start wrapping on to another side so try and balance the way you wrap around the wool to get even coverage.


You’ll start to see the wool building up, until there are just small white gaps… Keep going, you’re almost there!


Once the ball is completely wrapped up, thread the end of your wool through a wide-eyed needy and push it through the layers of wool you have just created so that it catches underneath. Do this two or three times to ensure it won’t unravel.


Once your ‘ball of wool’ has been formed, add some invisible thread to the top for it to hang from. Notice how hard I tried in this photo to actually make the invisible thread visible!


Thread it through you wool and tie with a double knot about 2 inches long so there’s plenty of leverage for it to hang from.


Now, take some cocktail sticks and begin pushing them in to the polystyrene balls. You’ll need 4 cocktail sticks for each decoration to create the illusion that the knitting needles are going all the way through.


Snip the ends of the cocktail sticks slightly to prevent any injuries! Push the sticks through opposite ends of the ball and allow 3cm to stay visible.


Now it’s time to get out the red Fimo to create the knitting needle handles.


Roll the Fimo in to small balls and push on to the top of the cocktail stick. If needs be, use a small amount of hi-tack glue to hold in place.


Then, leave the decorations in a warm, sunny area (a south facing window sill would be great!), to help heat and dry out the Fimo. After that, you’re fun, quirky decorations are complete!

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