3 Father's Day Projects for Kids
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3 Father's Day Projects for Kids

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

There’s nothing more special than a handmade gift from your child on Father’s Day, a keepsake that Dad can treasure when they’re all grown up. We’ve come up with four projects they can make for dad, that can be proudly displayed on his desk and remind him of his little treasures every day!

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How to make

Clay Dish:


Roll some clay into a ball, I used about a third of the 1kg pack, but it obviously depends on the size your project.


Flatten the clay.


Using your fingers gradually shape the clay, giving it a good 1cm high edge.


When happy with the shape of your dish, using the tip of a fine paintbrush or something similar, write your message.


Leave to dry, depending on the thickness this will take around 24 hours.


When the clay has hardened paint your dish. I went for one solid colour, leaving a thin blank edge around the message to make it stand out, you can of course get as adventurous as you like.


When the paint had dried I gave one thin coat of varnish to the dish to make it a bit more durable and stop paint chips, this is entirely optional though.

Pen Pot:


Give a Mache Flower Pot an all over paint in a fun colour for your choice, I went for silver and this needed two coats to really show up the sparkle.


When the base coat has dried it’s time to create your super hero logo, I used two contrasting colours of paint to create a circle.


Leave to dry, it is important it is completely dry before you start to add the finishing touches with the pens.


Using marker pens add all the final details, outlining the super hero shield, popping a message around the rim of the cup and most importantly adding the ‘D’ in the middle for superdad.

Paper Ties:


Cut your tie shapes from the thin card, ensuring you leave a tab at the top of the tie, that can be folded over the ribbon.


Cut lengths of ribbon that are more than long enough to be tied round your neck, always better to have it too long than too short.


Glue the centre of the ribbon under the card flap, leaving the ends loose at each side. You may need to use a clip or weight just whilst the glue dries.


Once the glue has dried then you can get to decorating. Using buttons, paint finger prints or anything else you can find, cover the ties and then leave them to dry.

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