How to Face Paint a Pumpkin
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How to Face Paint a Pumpkin

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Get your little ones ready for the spooky season with this pumpkin face painting project guide. Quick and easy to do, with effective and striking results, you’ll be able to transform little faces of all ages (and even grown-ups too!) with just a few basic face painting materials.

Complete the pumpkin look by adding foliage and a paper bag ‘stalk’ to really amaze your trick-or-treating friends this Halloween!

Project and instructions by Sam Green.

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How to make

Step 1

Start off by applying the Snazaroo yellow face paint all over the face.  Apply with a sponge and avoid the eye area. 

Top tip: Use a damp sponge and not a wet sponge.

Step 2

Using a brush, dab Snazaroo orange face paint around the edge of the face to create a shadow.  Always start with the lightest colour and work to the darkest.

Step 3

Now get your fine line brush and outline the chin using Snazaroo Black face paint. Then, draw triangle shapes above the eyes.

Top tip: If you find it difficult to do straight lines, then cut a flat cotton wool pad in half and use the straight edge as a guide to get your line straight.

Step 4

Shade in the triangle above the eye.

For the other eye, I chose to do a circle shape. Then, add some fine black lines at the top of the pumpkin.

Step 5

Add some shading with your orange paint to the top of the pumpkin. If you want some different shades, then blend the Snazaroo paints on the back of your hand first to perfect your shading techniques.

Step 6

With a steady hand, paint on the pumpkin toothy grin.

Step 7

Finish the black outline detailing with a fine brush.

Top tip: Keep a wet wipe handy to easily tidy or remove any unwanted lines or smudges.

Step 8

Now you have a cute and cheeky pumpkin ready for trick-or-treating!

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