How to Face Paint a Witch
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How to Face Paint a Witch

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

If you’re looking to transform your little one into a wickedly wonderful witch for Halloween, this face painting project is ideal for you! Quick and easy to do, you’ll be able to create this look with just a few Snazaroo face painting supplies.

Complete the look with a classic witches' hat to get your little witch ready for a magical evening of casting spells!

Project and instructions by Sam Green.

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Start off by applying the Snazaroo green face paint all over the face.  Apply with a sponge and avoid the eye area.

Top tip: Use a damp sponge and not a wet sponge. 

Then, shade the outer area in darker green with a brush.

Step 2

Using Snazaroo Purple Facepaint, colour in the eyebrows. Then, colour in an ‘arch’ shape above the eye area. 

Top tip: Don’t forget that you can always mix colours on the back of your hand to create the exact colour you want.  Here I used red and blue to get the shade of purple.

Step 3

Start to position the witch’s eyebrows in black.  Start off with a thin line and then thicken the line when you’re happy with it.

Step 4

Once you have the nice, thick, expressive eyebrows in place, create more shading in the purple area with a brush.

Step 5

Now that you’re happy with your shading, you’re ready to add the finer details.

Draw some black lines with a fine brush and curl the ends of the line. Then you just need to connect the lines with a curved shape to create the cobweb.

Step 6

Outline the lips with a dark lip liner. Finish the lips with a gloss and you’re good to go! Get ready for the witching hour!

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