How to Make a Pompom Bunny Bonnet
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How to Make a Pompom Bunny Bonnet

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
Go pompom crazy at Easter, with a fluffly pompom bunny bonnet! Kids will love learning how to make pompoms, which are so easy with a pompom maker, then they can add all their favourite embellishments to finish.

You will need

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How to make


You need to start by making lots of pompoms! Follow the instructions on the pompom maker to take it apart, wind your wool, tie together and cut to create a pom. This technique may differ slightly depending on the brand of pompom maker you use. Make about 20-25 small pompoms in assorted colours for the rim of your hat.


Next, make the bunnies. Use brown yarn and a medium and large sized pompom maker to make one pom of each size, making sure to leave a long hanging tail. Tie the smaller pompom onto the bigger one, pulling the thread tight so it sits in the middle of the pom unseen. Cut the tail to length of the other threads in the pom.


Make a small white pompom for the tail and tie on to the large brown pom to create a tail for your bunny. Cut two ear shapes out of brown foam and stick to the head.


Use the glue gun to stick your brown bunny to the top of the bonnet.


Use the white yarn to create two medium poms and two small poms. Tie the small ones to the medium ones.


Cut two bunny ear shapes out of white paper, and stick to the head of the bunny. If you want, you can colour the inner ear in with a pink pen or pencil. Repeat for the second white bunny.


Use the small pompom maker to make some yellow yarn poms. You will need to make roughly 12 for your chicks. Tie or stick one pompom onto the top of another, til you have 6 chicks.


 Cut little triangles from orange foam for a beak and stick onto the face of each chick.


 It’s time to assemble your bonnet! Place your bunnies and chicks around the centre part of your bonnet, and when you are happy, glue in place.


Place your assorted coloured poms around the rim of the bonnet and glue in place – I’d recommend alternating the colours as shown.

Step 11

Finally, thread up a yarn needle with any leftover yarn and make big cross stitches in the remaining space on the bonnet. If you prefer, you could add more poms or embellishments here, or just leave it plain.

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