How to Make a Wind Sock Sea Creature
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How to Make a Wind Sock Sea Creature

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Use tissue paper and imagination to create sea creatures of all shapes and colours. By using cardboard tubes as a base, and connecting them with sting to a wooden stick, you can create your very own wind sock to play with outdoors in a summer breeze! Read on to find out what our fantastic Kids' Craft Panel created when we set this project as a challenge.

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How to make

Step 1 

Decide what sea creature you’d like to make, and select relevant colours from the tissue paper circles pack.

Step 2 

Begin to cut out scales or shells using the tissue paper, and glue to the cardboard tube using PVA.

Step 3 

You could use paint, pens, glitter, sequins – all manner of crafting items to decorate your sea creature – get creative and see what fantastic designs you can create.

Step 4 

Once dry, add detail into the design using a felt tip pen.

Step 5 

Pierce a hole on either side of the mouth side of the sea creature and tie a piece of string on either side.

Step 6 

Tie the other end of each piece of string to a wooden bamboo stick.

Step 7 

See your creatures float in the wind!

Take a look at the creatures and crustaceans created by our fantastically talented Kids’ Craft Panel below!

Zachary (aged 6)

Zachary has created two very different creatures – one clown fish, and one sea turtle! We think the addition of the shell and feet on the sea turtle is a great idea, and the tassels coming out of both creatures would look brilliant floating in the wind.

Lily (aged 9)

Lilly has created a beautiful parrot fish – how bright and ornamental! Experiment with the size and shape of your creature’s scales, fins, and gills to create a more three-dimensional design.

Joseph (aged 6)

We think Joseph’s wind socks look simply swimming! We spot an octopus and a jellyfish – what a brilliant combination of animals. Use long pieces of tissue paper for the tendrils and tentacles.

Katelan (aged 13)

Katelan has created three distinct and different designs using a more intricate and illustrative style. We particularly like the squid!

Martin (aged 6)

This sunny starfish is golden, and uses extra card built up around the tube to form the base of the starfish. Break outside of the mould, just like Martin, and create a fantastic fishy friend!

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