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How to Make Paper Weavings

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

You will need

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How to make


Begin by drawing a line 1 inch from the top of a A4 piece of coloured paper (in portrait orientation). Measure and draw vertical lines three quarters of an inch wide from the line to the bottom of the page. Cut the vertical lines out stopping at the line across the top of the page.


Cut strips of paper or card across the width of an A4 piece of paper. Cut a variety of thinner and thicker strips – you will need enough to fit the length of the paper. The strips could be straight, wavy or long triangles.


Take one strip and weave it though the paper. Begin by taking it over one strip, under the next and repeat until you get to the end. Push to the top of the paper. Take the next strip and repeat the process but this time go under first. Alternate like this until the paper is filled up.


Trim any excess strips from each side of the hanging and secure the sides and bottom with sellotape so the strips don’t come loose.


To make the point at the bottom of the wall hanging, mark the centre point and then 3 inches up on each side. Draw two lines from the side mark to the centre mark to create a point and cut it out. Reseal the ends with Sellotape.


Add stickers, sequins, pom poms, or cut up paper for extra decorations.


To create the hanging loop cut three thin strips of paper and fold in half. Tape onto the back of the hanging.


Finally, push a piece of dowel through the hanging loops and tie a length of embroidery thread onto each end of the dowel as a hook for hanging. You could even add tassels onto the dowel to match the weave. For our tutorial on how to make tassels click here.

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