How to Make a Macrame Egg Hanger
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How to Make a Macrame Egg Hanger

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

These macrame egg hangers are a quick and easy to make and would be perfect for decorating your home this Easter.

You will need

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How to make

Step 1 

Cut the following lengths-

6 x 80cm in main colour 

1 x 1m in main colour

1 x 1m in contrast colour

Find the centre of the 80cm lengths and create a gathering knot with 1m length in main colour approx 5cm long (enough to bend the gathering knot around). Wrap neatly but not too tight. Do not finish the gathering knot yet.

Step 2

Fold gathering knot in half to create a U shape and using same string, continue to wrap around all the strings until the yarn has nearly run out. (Make sure to keep loop and beginning of string free to finish knot).

Place the end of the string through the loop and then pull the beginning of the string to secure the knot. Keep pulling until the loop disappears under the wrapped section.

Trim ends.  

Step 3 

Divide strings into groups of 4.

Create 1 square knots with each group approx. 8cm down from gathering knot.

Step 4

Now take 2 strings from one group and 2 strings from the next group and create a square knot 2cm down from the previous row of square knots.

Repeat until you have worked all strings.

Step 5 

Using 1m length in contrast colour create a gathering knot approx. 3cm down from last row of knots.  Make the gathering knot approx. 3cm long.

Step 6 

Cut tassels to desired length.

Continue to make egg hangers using contrasting colours.

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