How to Make a Pom Pom Flower Wall Hanging
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How to Make a Pom Pom Flower Wall Hanging

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Get creative with your pom pom maker with this fun décor project! Pom poms are a lot easier to make than you might think, so why not get started with this flowery idea – perfect for decorating any room.

This is a great craft for all ages and you can make each one your own with your choice of colourful yarn. It’s a great way to make the most of your yarn stash!

Find out how to create different patterns in your pom poms here >

Project and instructions by @love.indy_.

You will need

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How to make

You Will Also Need 

Plywood Circle
Command Strip

Step 1

Pick your favourite pattern and make up and trim 6 pom poms. For the purpose of this tutorial plain pom poms are pictured.

Step 2

Make up and trim one single colour pom pom. This will be for the centre of the flower.

Step 3

With your hot glue gun apply glue to the centre of the plywood circle and affix the single colour pom pom on it with a small amount of pressure to secure.

Step 4

Apply hot glue below and centre to the pom pom you’ve just glued in the middle and place with a small amount of pressure one of the six pom poms.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 around the plywood circle, placing the remaining pom poms around the centre pom pom, applying pressure to each pom pom as you go.

Step 6 

To finish either attach a wall hook or command strip to the back to hang on the wall.
And there you have it a Pom Pom flower wall hanging. A cute fun project that can be custom to any colours and will look perfect in any room.

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