How to Make a Valentine's Succulent Card
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How to Make a Valentine's Succulent Card

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Get one step ahead with your handmade Valentine's card this year, thanks to free downloadable templates (the perfect helping hand) and a super-simple how to guide. This adorable succulent card is perfect for any plant lover or film fan, simply download the free template using the button below. Then, it's just a case of cutting and sticking... What could be easier!?

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How to make

Step 1

Choose your cardstock colours – we used two different shades of green for one plant, and another green for the other plant, then a blue and orange for the plant pots and red for the hearts.

Valentine's succulent card

Step 2

Download and print the the templates for the project onto white printer paper, cut each piece out with a pair of scissors then transfer these onto the relevant colour of cardstock. Cut around each of the outlines using a craft knife.

Step 3

Start by assembling the plant pots using the below image as a guide.

Valentine's Succulent Card

Step 4

Next it’s time to position the plant’s leaves within each of the pots. Place leaves within the orange pot a little more spread out so that when the pot is positioned next to the blue one on the card blank, they overlap slightly. 

Valentine's Succulent Card

Step 5

Using chalk, draw little white lines over the leaves to make them look more like the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant (this step is optional).

Step 6

Take the card blank and position on top of a craft mat, place the plant pots on top of the card blank and check spacing. If you feel there is a little too much white space around the plants, use a metal ruler to trim the card blank to the desired size. The overall size your card blank will need to be will depend on how the leaves have been positioned in their pots.

Step 7

Adhere adhesive foam pads to the back of both pots, then strategically place a few foam pads so that they are hidden behind the plant leaves; this give the card dimension and create a nice shadow. Once the pads are in position remove the backing paper and secure centrally to your card blank.

Valentine's Succulent Card

Step 8

Using a black fine liner, write the greeting “You had me at Aloe” below the pots. 

Valentine's Succulent Card

Helpful Docs & Software

Valentine's Succulent Card

Template for Valentine's Succulent Card


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