How to Make a Scrubs Bag
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How to Make a Scrubs Bag

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

This tutorial will show you how to make a quick and easy drawstring scrubs bag.

If you are making this bag for hospital workers we recommend 100% cotton, it will need to be able to withstand a 60 degree wash.

Follow this tutorial by sewing expert Sophia Palmer from Sew Jessalli

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How to make

How to Make a Scrubs Bag

Step 1

All seam allowances 10mm unless stated

Get your two fat quarters and lay them on top of each other, WRONG sides together.

Pin three sides, leaving the top open.

Sew these 3 sides with a straight stitch.

Step 2

Trim all sewn edges down by half.

Then trim the two bottom corners to reduce bulk.

Turn inside out and press flat.

Step 3

Pin the same three sides again and sew them together to encase the previous seam inside, creating your french seam

Step 4

With your french seams still on the outside, press the top down by 2cm, then again by 2.5cm.

Press the french side seams to one side

Step 5

From the inside (right way) mark the finishing point of the top hem with a pin near the side seam.

This will help us sew a button hole. Repeat with other side.

Gently open out this press rolled hem

Step 6

Sew a button hole to fit between your marking pin and the first pressed line near the side seam.

You might want to make sure it’s not through your french seam, or it will be too thick.

Repeat with the other side.

Press the top rolled hem back into place.

Step 7

Pin and sew close to the open pressed edges to finish the hem neatly

Step 8

Cut two lengths of cotton tape to be double the bag width + 15cm.

We’ll be threading them opposite ways through the rolled hem channel.

Step 9

Thread the ribbons through the channel, thread in and out the same button hole. Repeat the opposite way.

Tie your ends together with a knot, trim the ends and it’s ready to go. 

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