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How to Make a Unicorn Hobby Horse Tree Decoration

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

You will need

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How to make

Additional Items required:

Candy Cane

Step - 1 

 Print out the template for the unicorn shapes and cut out.

Step - 2 

Fold the piece of felt in half and then pin on the template through both layers. Cut out. Repeat with the unicorn horn, but just one piece.

Step - 3 

Draw the eye onto the unicorn head.

Step - 4 

Pin the two head shapes together sandwiching in the horn. Sew the top outer edge of the head shape using a running stitch. Leave the bottom and sides open.

Step - 5 

 Cut a 27cm length of ribbon and pin on as shown. Leave a small 0.5cm piece of ribbon each end. Sew up one side and once at the top sew through and down the other side.

Step - 6 

For the ears, pinch them together at the bottom and then sew a stitch to keep them in place. Attach to the head.

Step - 7 

Fold in the trailing ends of ribbon, pin together and sew up. The nose and neck section should remain open to allow you insert the candy cane when finished.

Helpful Docs & Software

Unicorn Hobby Horse Tree Decoration Template