How to Make Fabric Birds
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How to Make Fabric Birds

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

These sweet little fabric birds by designer Helen Philipps make a wonderful springtime gift. You can machine- or hand-sew them, making this the perfect project for children to try. Just cut out your templates and sew! Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine is packed with quick and simple projects just like this, as well as larger quilts and cushions, using all kinds of fun techniques. Issue eight is filled with lots more fab projects, including a patchwork purse by Lisa Lam, a Union Jack quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy, sausage dog softies by Jo Carter and so much more! By Helen Philipps from Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

A bit more about the designer... Helen Philipps love of needlecraft led her to creating original designs, including patchwork and quilting, and she also writes a popular craft blog : helenphilipps.blogspot.co.uk  

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How to make

Finished Size

Two inches by four inches, approximately.

2 x 5 inch fabric needed to make 1 bird

Making One Bird


Using the templates provided, trace the bird body, the tummy insert and the wing onto a sheet of white card and cut out carefully to make re-usable templates.


Cut two five inch squares of printed cotton and place right sides together. Place the bird shape on the wrong side of one piece of fabric and draw carefully round it, marking where the opening will be. Take a piece of contrasting fabric for the bird’s tummy insert and draw around that template on the back of the fabric. Cut out leaving a 1/4in seam allowance.


Sew around the bird shape by hand or machine and then trim the seam. Turn the bird the right way out, carefully pushing out the beak and the tail to make a clear shape. Take the tummy insert and pin it in place on one side of the opening. Sew with a 1/4in seam and repeat for the second side, leaving a small gap for stuffing near the tail.


Stuff the bird firmly with polyester toy filling and sew the gap neatly closed.


For the wings, take two pieces of cotton fabric and with right sides together draw around the wing shape onto one of them. Sew around the wing shape, leaving a small gap for turning. Turn the wing out to the right side, push the shape out carefully and press. Sew up the small gap neatly. Make another wing in the same way.
Top Tip! Clipping and notching the body seams before turning will help to achieve a smooth curve to your bird when right-side out.


Attach the wings on either side of the bird with a few stitches, or with fabric glue.

Finishing Off


Sew black beads in place for the eyes using black cotton.


Thread a large-eyed needle with a ten inches length of baker’s twine and draw it through the top of the bird’s head. Remove the needle and tie the twine in a small knot. Tie another knot at the top of the twine for hanging the bird.

Helpful Docs & Software

Bird Template


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