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Personalise scents, colours and styles to create unique candles, tailor-made for yourself or a friend! Craft your customised candle design, light your wick and enjoy the lovely fragrance and soft glow of your creation! Handmade candles will also make the perfect gift, ideal for adding to hampers.

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Discover everything you need to start making your candles with our range of tools and materials.

How to Make a Soya Wax Candle

1. Create the candle wick by threading the waxed thread through the candle wick base, and secure to bottom of glass candle votive using a glue dot. Wrap the end of the waxed thread around a craft stick until the waxed thread stands upright within the glass candle votive.
2. Melt the soya wax pellets using a double boiler until the melted wax reaches a temperature of 80°C.
3. Add in a small amount of candle dye – ¼ tsp to ½ tsp, depending on desired vibrancy of colour. Mix thoroughly.
4. Add in a small amount of candle fragrance – ½ tsp to 1 tsp, depending on desired strength. Mix thoroughly.
5. Pour the mixture into the candle votive once the wax has cooled to between 50-60°C, ensuring that the craft stick returns to the centre of the votive so that the wick remains straight once the candle sets.
6. Leave the candle on a cooling rack to cool for 24 hours. Then cut the excess wick, leaving roughly 1cm of wick above the top of the candle.

Video Guides

Join David as he shows you how to make your own candles using moulds and containers.

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