Get Started In Embroidery

A classic craft that's easily customised to suit your every idea, embroidery helps you create works of art one stitch at a time. From personalised patches for clothing and accessories to unique gifts and home decor, embroidered designs will add stunning decorative detail to anything you choose.

Embroidery is also a fantastic way to enjoy mindful crafting, with endless projects that are certain to aid your concentration and help you relax.

Tool Guide

Embroider stunning designs with only a few essentials!

Beginner Embroidery Stitches

With a few starter stitches, you'll be able to start creating stunning embroidery work.

Intermediate Embroidery Stitches

For more advanced work, take your embroidery to the next level by adding dimension with whipped (or threaded) stitches, as well as flowers and other 3D effects.

Explore Embroidery Kits and Patterns

Discover a whole host of unique embroidery patterns available, ready to be brought to life with your needle and thread.