Get Started In Lino Printing

Lino printing is a calming craft that enables you to create print after print of your handcrafted design. It'll be easy to get started with our range of tools and materials, available online and in store. The simple steps below will help you on your way to achieving custom-made prints!

How to Print Lino

1. Draw or transfer your design onto the lino.
2. Fill in your design with a permanent marker.
3. Begin to cut out the design, ensuring you are always cutting away from your supporting hand.
4. Ink your design by rolling out a small amount of ink until tacky and spreading evenly over the lino.
5. Carefully align the paper with the lino and press down in circular motions with the burnishing tool.
6. Slowly lift the paper to reveal your lino print!

Tool Guide

Lino cutting tools often come with several removable blades to use, providing a varying thickness and depth of line. Use the guide below for an idea of the line that each blade shape will create.


Lino printing blocks can be used to apply a design or a repeat pattern to different surfaces and fabrics. Take a look at the inspiration available on the Hobbycraft Ideas hub to inspire your next project.