Get Started In Punch Needle

Punch needle is a form of embroidery perfect for transforming the leftovers in your yarn stash into something spectacular! Discover this simple technique and create unique wall art to brighten up your home in no time at all.

Punch Needle Tools

With your embroidery hoop or frame at the ready, you’ll only need a few other accessories and your choice of yarns before you can get started.

How to set up your punch needle tool

Setting up your punch needle tool is simple! Follow the guide below to get started.

1. Insert the yarn threader into the punch needle from the tip. Push it through until the metal loop pokes out the other side. Insert your wool into the metal loop.
2. Pull the threader back out of the needle, the yarn will follow and the yarn tail will pop out. Remove the yarn threader.
3. Poke the yarn tail back through the eye at the top of the needle as shown. Pull your yarn through so you have about 10cm showing. This is a really important step and if missed the loops will not form in your work.

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Punch Needle Techniques


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