How to Make a Better Together Scrapbook Cover
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How to Make a Better Together Scrapbook Cover

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

Give someone special a gift to treasure forever with this Better Together scrapbook design. Using Posca pens and the free downloadable template, you can be well on your way to creating this gorgeous cover.

Once you have finished your scrapbook cover, you can add lots of photos and memories inside to create a lovely personalised gift.




You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Print off the design and trace over the back of it with a pencil. This can be done on a lightbox or against a window. Carefully line up the design with the front
of your sketchbook, then with a pencil gently scribble over the back to transfer a light pencil version of your design onto the front of the sketchbook.

Step 2

Now carefully outline and fill the letters in the centre with a white Posca Pen.

Step 3

Fill in the largest flowers, using one colour for the petals and another for the centre.

Large flowers filled in

Step 4

Continue filling in each set of flowers. Use the same colours for each style of flower, selecting one colour for the petals and one for the centre.


Step 5

Next, add the small five-petal flowers in one colour, and then add your leaves in another colour. 

Step 6

Next draw the lines of your leafy vines in your selected colour, using a finer Posca pen will make this easier. The add the heart shapes to the lines and fill them in.

Step 7

Now add the sets of dots in another colour.

Green dots added to scrapbook cover

Step 8

Finally, add in the last swirls of the design. Draw small lines coming off them and then add dots to the ends to look like berries.

Helpful Docs & Software

Better Together Template


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