How to Make an Ice Forest Christmas Cake
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How to Make an Ice Forest Christmas Cake

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
Christmas is a time for magic, and what's more magical than a glittering Christmas tree? This year, impress your guests with this ice forest cake, which is so simple to make and perfect as a centrepiece for your party table. Simply make or buy a cake of your choice and then add a touch of sparkle . . . Suitable for: Beginners to Intermediates Time to Make: Three to four hours

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How to make

Top Tip!…You can use pop sticks if you can’t get hold of the pretzels – just remember not to eat them! For an extra indulgent treat you could also use milk and dark chocolate Candy Melts to coat your pretzels or cake pop sticks, to make them look more bark-like.


Use your hands to roll the green icing into different sized cones, varying from 3 cm to 8 cm, and insert a pretzel stick into each leaving 5 cm protruding out of the bottom of each tree. Leave the trees to harden overnight.


Brush each tree with a little cooled, boiled water and dip into your choice of glitter or sprinkles. Leave all the trees to dry for 30 minutes.


Melt a bowl of white Candy Melts and using a palette knife spread it thinly onto a piece of greaseproof paper in long sections.


Place another piece of greaseproof paper on top and roll into a loose cylinder before the Candy Melts harden. Put the cylinder into the fridge for ten minutes until the Candy Melts have set hard.


Remove the cylinder from the fridge and unroll the greaseproof paper – the Candy Melts will crack and break into shards as you unroll.


Cover your cake with vanilla frosting and insert your trees into the top of the cake, placing the larger ones at the back and the smaller ones towards the front of the cake.


Attach the Candy Melt shards to the frosting around the sides of your cake.


Ta dah! The finished cake . . .

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