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How to Make a Confetti Tray

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

You will need

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How to make


Use a small circle punch to cut out lots of confetti using assorted tissue paper. Mixed this with pre-cut confetti to create an array of colours.
Top tip! If there is any confetti that hasn’t flattened onto the glue, lightly brush over it to press it down into the glue.


Using a large paintbrush or sponge, spread Mod Podge glue across the surface of the tray. With glue, it will start to dry as soon as it touches the surface so make sure to make the coat not to thin but not too thick either. Once you’re happy with the coat of glue, start sprinkling the confetti onto the tray. Leave to completely dry.


Apply a thinner coat of glue across the surface of the tray and confetti. Sprinkle glitter on the desired area/s of the tray, whether that be all of the tray or just a small area of it. Leave to completely dry.


Finish off the tray by applying the final coat of glue, this will seal everything in.

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