How to Make a FIMO Daffodil
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How to Make a FIMO Daffodil

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Join us and @Staedtleruk in supporting @MarieCurieUK’s #DayofReflection on the 23rd March to mark the one year anniversary since the UK first went into a nationwide lockdown, and reflect on those lost during the pandemic.

Learn how to create your very own sculpted daffodil from @Staedtleruk’s FIMO soft modelling clay. To show your support, and as a symbol of hope, place the daffodil in your window. 

For every pack of FIMO sold within the Day of Reflection bundle, a 25p donation by STAEDTLER will be made to the Marie Curie UK Charity.

Find out more about the #DayofReflection and how to get involved here: https://www.mariecurie.org.uk/get-involved/day-of-reflection

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How to make

Step 1

Start by cutting out a 5cm x 2.5cm card template for the petal shape.

Step 2

Roll 3 x strips of Sunflower FIMO to a depth of roughly 1.5mm-2mm.

Step 3

Cut 6 petal shapes from the rolled FIMO using the card template as a guide.

Step 4

Make a lined pattern on the petals with a modelling tool. 

Step 5

Gently lift the petals with a cutter blade or modelling tool then press them together into a flower shape.

Step 6

Cut a hole in a cupcake case by folding it in half then cutting out the middle.

Step 7 

Carefully lift the daffodil flower then place it inside the cake case.

Step 8 

Add a pinch of Indian Red FIMO with some leftover Sunflower. Knead until the colours are evenly blended then roll a 2cm ball.

Step 9 

Use a pointed tool to make a hole in the FIMO ball. Widen the hole with a ball tool then press the edges into a trumpet shape.

Make a lined pattern and a scalloped edge.

Step 10

Press the orange trumpet in the middle of the daffodil using a ball tool. Curl the edges of the petals with your fingers.

Step 11

Shape two strips of Tropical Green FIMO into a ball, then roll it out on your work surface into a long snake (about 25cm in length), making one end slightly thicker.

Step 12

Place the stem onto a baking tray covered in baking parchment. Press the thicker end of the stem onto the back of the daffodil through the hole in the cupcake case.

Step 13

Press three small FIMO pieces in the middle of the flower.

Step 14

To make a leaf, thinly roll two Tropical Green FIMO strips into a long piece to a depth of 1.5mm-2mm then cut a 25cm strip with a pointed end.

Step 15

Wrap the thicker end of the leaf around the lower part of the stem with the pointed end curled out at the top.

Step 16

Adjust the position of petals and leaf. Check then stem is straight before baking.

Top Tip: Place a small piece of twisted baking parchment under the daffodil to keep it upright.

Step 17

Bake FIMO at 110°C for 30 mins and allow the FIMO to fully cool before handling.

Top tip: Support the flower stems with gravel or pebbles in a vase to keep them upright and avoid direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time.


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