How to Make a Gingham Crate and  Scallop Tray Decoration
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How to Make a Gingham Crate and Scallop Tray Decoration

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time < 1 hour

Gingham is the must-have fashion and home decor trend of the moment! We've teamed up with craft extraordinaire Becki Clark to give you some simple hints and tips on how to add a touch of glorious gingham to your next party.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create the stunning yet practical gingham crate and a scallop tray – the perfect accompaniment to your DIY party decor.

Project and instructions by Becki Clark.

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How to make

Gingham Crate

Step 1

Choose your colour palette and grab a washi tape in your desired colours, I’m going to be working with both white tape and posca pen for these

Step 2

Begin by adding lengths of tape vertically along the crate leaving equal space between each piece of tape

Step 3

Cover all side of the crate with the vertical lengths of tape and remember to keep your ends neat but tucking underneath the crate and cutting neatly at the top

Step 4

Now begin to add your horizontal lengths of tape to create your gingham pattern using the crate lines to help keep your lines straight keeping equal space between your horizontal lengths to achieve a full gingham pattern.

Scallop Tray

Step 1

Take your posca paint pen and draw half moons along the side of the tray, if you find it easier use a ruler and pencil to mark half the height of the tray so you can draw your scallops down to meet it and achieve a balanced and equal scallop.

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