How to Make a Mini Clay Mosque Decoration
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How to Make a Mini Clay Mosque Decoration

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +

Get your hands on some air drying clay and create a wonderful miniature mosque to decorate your home or gift to someone this Eid. It's simple to get to grips with this craft as a beginner and is a fantastic project that will span over about a week in short bursts. That's why clay is perfect for kids – or those with short attention spans!

Clay decorations are also hardwearing enough to bring out year after year.

Add your own personality by painting your favourite colours, decorate with POSCA paint pens or hollow out to create enough space to fit a tealight candle. You could create a whole entire miniature town. With clay, the options really are endless!

You will need

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How to make

Step One

Cut a chunk of clay off of the block and pull apart into a large, medium and small sized chunk. Roll the large chunk into a wide cylinder with flat ends. Roll the medium chunk into a sphere. Roll the small chunk into a thin cylinder with flat ends.

Step Two

Pinch the sphere at the top to create a domed point for the roof. Flatten the opposing side of the point. Cross hatch this side and one of the sides of the wide cylinder to join together. Add a small amount of water to help stick together. You can leave the edges as are or smooth together with a wooden tool. If you're struggling to stick these together then not to worry- you can use glue once dry!

Step Three

Make a point at the end of the thin cylinder and cross hatch one side, doing the same on the part of the main building that you want to attatch this to. Again, add a little water and stick together, smoothing with the wooden tool to secure. This can also be glued once dry as an alternative.

Leave somewhere safe to dry. This can take up to 3 days depending on the temperature and ventilation within the room.

Step Four

Once completely dry you can use a piece of fine sandpaper to refine any edges.

Step Five

Time to paint! Use whatever colours your heart desires. Here we've painted the roof a brighter white, added doors and windows in white to contrast the terracotta, and have added some details in navy blue that really stand out. 

Keep it minimal or get into the detail! Why stop here? Create a whole town!

Step Six

Find the peeeerfect surface for your new creation! Add more turrets or extra buildings around to create a miniature scene.

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