How to Make a Stencilled Christmas Eve Box
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How to Make a Stencilled Christmas Eve Box

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +
Make Christmas Eve just as special as the big day itself, with a personalised Christmas Eve box! We're sure you've heard of these by now, but you don't have to fork out loads to get one personalised - you can do it yourself with just some paints and a stencil.

You will need

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How to make


Start by choosing what you want to write, and what colour paint you want to use. I’ve gone for a classic Christmas red and a simple personalised message – ‘Amy’s Christmas Eve Box’.


Once you know what you want to write, think about how you want to space it out – count how many letters per word you have and how many you can fit on a line, and adjust your centring accordingly.


Use a strip of masking tape just under where you want the first line of lettering to sit, to help you achieve a straight line
Top Tip! Don’t overload your brush with paint, or it can seep under your stencil and ruin the nice clean edges! Apply thinly at first, you can always build up more colour afterwards if you need to.


Lay your stencil down and line it up so the bottom of your letter is next to the top line of the masking tape. Use your stencilling brush to apply a small amount of paint, and build up the colour all over the stencil.


When you are finished, wipe down any paint on your stencil using a damp cloth or kitchen paper and do the next letter. You may need to wait for the first one to dry before you can go on to do the next letter, depending on what type of stencil you have.


Follow the above steps until you have completed your whole message. Leave to dry.
Top Tip! Mix up your design by incorporating different fonts/stencils. Use a range of different lettering to add depth, or use stencil images instead of embellishments for another variation!


Finish off by adding some festive embellishments for that extra special touch! Then fill with little gifts and activities for Christmas Eve.

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