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How to Make a Christmas Eve Crate

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

You will need

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How to make


Start off by using red acrylic to paint your mdf letter. Leave to dry.


Print off your template while the paint is drying. Cut in half horizontally so you have one piece that says ‘Christmas’ and one that says ‘Eve Box’.


Using a soft pencil, colour in the text on the printed side of the template.


Take your crate and lay it on it’s side, so that one of the long sides is facing up. Flip your templates over, and lay in position on the crate. Remember to leave space for your mdf letter!


When you are happy with the position, use your pencil to go over the outline on the blank side, and colour in again, using medium/hard pressure. This should start to transfer the pencil marks on the back to the wood of the crate, creating a faint outline.


Continue to repeat the above step for all your words until you have a faint outline to follow on the wood of your crate.


Crack open your red acrylic and paint paint paint! Use a fine paintbrush to go over your traced text – take your time and don’t rush. Remember you can always go over it again later if you need to tidy up the edges!


Leave your text to dry fully before you do anything else.
Top Tip! If you want to get your stamp spacing perfect, simply lay out your mdf letter and pick out the letter stamps you will use, then lay them in place where you want to stamp, so you can get an idea of spacing.


Using a glue gun, stick your painted mdf letter to the left of your text, making sure there is enough space to add a stamped name.


Now it’s time to stamp your name. Cover your letters generously in black ink and firmly press onto the surface of the box. Don’t worry if it’s not entirely straight, it all adds to the charm! If you are struggling to create a straight line, you can use a ruler and pencil to draw a faint line to follow, then rub out afterwards.


Finish off by adding a reindeer stamp in the corner and gluing some glittery stars in the gaps of your crate.

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