How to Make a Telescope
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How to Make a Telescope

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour
Search the skies for a long lost planet or a shooting star with this fun telescope project. It's a great opportunity to teach little ones about space too!

You will need

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How to make


To make one of the tubes smaller, cut it open along it’s length. Press it back together with a 1cm overlap and tape back together. Check it fits neatly inside the other tube, if not, adjust the tape until it does.


Measure a 5mm x 8cm slit on the taped tube, 1cm from the bottom. Use a craft knife to carefully cut it out.


Paint both tubes blue and leave to dry. Use the knife to poke a hole in the bigger tube, 1cm from the end. Place the smaller tube inside and line up the cut out strip with the hole. Insert a brad through the hole and slit to hold in place – you should now be able to extend the telescope (it might take a little wiggling before it runs smoothly!)


Decorate the telescope using gold paint and stars. We decorated one with constellations created with dots of gold paint. For the other we created a graduated effect using gold stars and paint.


Draw around the larger end of the tube onto a piece of acetate. Fill the circle in with a space scene, such as planets or a rocket. Colour in with Sharpies and cut out.


Add a line of glue using a glue gun inside the wider tube, about 2cm from the end. Leave to dry to create a ledge. Place the acetate circle on top and glue in place.

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