How to Make a Unicorn Squishy
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How to Make a Unicorn Squishy

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1 hr +
Squishies are so much fun to play with! Why not try to make your own design using Soft Toy Stuffing and Duck Tape? It's so easy - follow along with the below tutorial to find out what techniques you can use to create your design. Turn a pile of crafting items into a beautifully squishy unicorn!

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How to make


Stuff the cello bag using the soft toy filling – make sure to put quite a bit in to ensure that the squishy is substantial enough to wrap up.


Secure the cello bag using the adhesive strip at the top


Tape down the two top corners of the bag to give the unicorn body a rounded top.
Top tip! Go slowly when applying the Duck Tape to avoid creases and air pockets.


Using a Duck Tape colour of your choice, begin taping the body of the unicorn. Go strip by strip, cutting and securing the tape neatly in rows.


To create the horn, fold over a piece of rainbow Duck Tape on itself and cut into a long triangle.


Layer the triangle to strengthen by placing the triangle on the sticky side of the rainbow Duck Tape and sandwiching again by folding the tape in half. Do this one or two times and then cut the triangle out again – use the pre cut triangle inside as a guide.


Draw a curved line on the square edge of the long triangle using the black Sharpie to create a rounded end to the horn. Cut along this line to complete the horn.


Draw two circles for eyes with two light specs in each to create a cute face. Add a small smiling mouth underneath.


Create two cheeks in a colour of your choice by cutting the Duck Tape into small ovals. Place underneath the eyes towards the outer edge of the squishy.


Fold a piece of Duck Tape on itself to create a sticky pad, then use this to attach the horn to the middle of the unicorn’s head.


For an extra squishy unicorn, get an adult to help you perforate the edges of the squishy using a needle. Poke lots of holes in through the Duck Tape layers and the cello bag.

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